Pork Barrel BBQ

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Charred Tomato Salsa

This quick and easy Charred Tomato Salsa is as good as or better than anything you’ll find at the local grocery store. It is great as a salsa for chips and salsa or as a condiment for tacos or grilled steak or chicken.

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Charred Guacamole With Grilled Corn

Take guacamole to the next level with this charred version with grilled corn. Perfect served with tortilla chips or tortillas at the big game or on top of perfectly cooked steak, chicken or seafood, or as a burger condiment. This guacamole will have you coming back for seconds!

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Pork Barrel BBQ Potato Chips

Is there a better snack than a crunchy potato chip? If there is we haven’t found it yet. If you’ve got the time there is nothing better than a homemade potato chip fresh from the fryer! These are great with a sandwich at lunch or for a crowd at your next tailgate party!

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